About Us

Find out how to stay at home, in your community longer.

We provide quality care in the home.

MiCare is an approved and trusted provider of government-funded and private in-home care services. 

We are listed as a registered My Aged Care provider and have an ongoing membership with Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), the recognised industry association for Aged Care in Australia.

Our mission is to empower people to live comfortably at home for as long as possible.

We embrace diversity and assist older adults from all cultural backgrounds to live better lives.

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Person-First Values

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We believe that life should continue to be enjoyable and meaningful as we get older, and that all people deserve choice and respect.

Connection is important to us, so we build real relationships with our clients, and genuinely value their opinions and choices.

We involve our clients in their care planning and seek their feedback as a way of constantly improving our services. 

About MiCare

MiCare is a company driven by heart. The MiCare Board, Executive Team (pictured) and staff truly live the organisational values of Trust, Empowerment, Flexibility, Harmony and Empathy.

MiCare has grown to encompass over 2,500 clients, approximately 1,000 staff and over 500 volunteers. Between us, we speak more than 50 languages.

At MiCare, we don't just provide a service - we share in people's lives. Life is about strong relationships, and we believe that starts at home.

MiCare Senior Management Team

Our History

We Celebrate Diversity

MiCare is uniquely characterised by its cultural and linguistic diversity throughout both its staff and client population.

Our core commitment to language and diversity across every part of the organisation comes from MiCare’s birth as DutchCare.

DutchCare originally provided Dutch heritage-centric care for migrants from Holland. In recent years, DutchCare evolved into MiCare, while merging with The New Hope Foundation and Queensland’s Netherlands Retirement Village Association.

Thanks to MiCare's evolution and broadened focus beyond its Dutch origins, we are richer in our knowledge of caring for people from diverse backgrounds at all stages of life.

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Home Care For Everyone

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Within your own home, it is important that you can have your own language and customs understood.

As leaders in culturally-specific care, we truly understand the value of being able to communicate effectively with your caregivers as vital to feeling comfortable at home.

We can create a more accessible, customer-friendly service for you by matching you with carers that share your culture and language. 

You are our top priority.

MiCare Home Care Services client group

Many people don't know what to look for when researching Aged Care services.

MiCare is proudly different to other providers, and we can explain our difference simply and clearly: everything we do is about the people we care for.

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