Funding Types

Find out how to stay at home, in your community longer.

How do I get funding from the government?

There are a number of government-funded programs that support older people to live at home and stay connected with their communities.

These programs work by either fully or partly paying for certain services that enable you to live independently, such as personal care and domestic assistance.

As an approved Care Provider for government-funded programs, MiCare provides these services to you.

Below is some information about the types of government funding available.

Types of Government Funding

Home Care Packages


Home Care Packages are designed to assist people with complex or intensive care needs on a long-term basis.

People with Home Care Packages usually need multiple services to support them to live independently. They also require ongoing Care Management to help them manage funds and select the right services to reach their goals.

There are 4 package levels with different funding amounts that correspond with the level of care required.

Commonwealth Home Support Program


The Home Support Program is designed to assist people who can manage with a small amount of help.

Home Support funding covers services to care for basic needs such as personal care and domestic assistance. People with this type of funding generally only require 1-2 services to maintain their independence.

Home Support funding also provides for services that keep you safe, and connected within the community.

Veterans Home Care Program


The Veterans Home Care Program assists Veterans with low level care needs to continue living independently by funding basic assistance services.

Services that may be covered include personal care, domestic help, respite care, and safety-related home and garden maintenance.

To apply for Veterans Home Care funding, you will need to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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