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Home Care Service Provider Aged Care Reviews

At MiCare we're very committed to providing our clients with an exceptional standard of care.

We are a person-centred care service that builds personalised relationships, looks after individual needs, and tailors services to cultural requirements.

We are passionate about helping others live better lives. We believe client feedback is a good indicator of service quality, so we encourage you to read recent reviews about our recent home care services.

Aged Care Reviews - MiCare Home Care Service Provider

"MiCare has made a big difference to our lives over the last ten years.

We enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren, and being part of our community social group.

We also like to grow and cook our own vegetables.

Our carers have helped by cleaning the house and doing things we find difficult, leaving us more time to focus on the things we enjoy."

Rupert & Femke

Aged Care Company Reviews - MiCare Home Care Service Provider

"Thank you for all the help you have given Mum and I over the last few months.

It was so difficult to see Mum struggling at home, and I felt awful being unable to assist her more.

Initially I was so overwhelmed about accessing Aged Care services because it seemed so complicated. I was also worried about making Mum feel uncomfortable in her own home, as she has always been a very busy and independent person.

When we spoke to MiCare, the staff put both Mum and I at ease, and fully supported us through the process.

The Care Managers have included Mum in planning her care so they can make sure she is assisted in exactly the way she wants to be.

I have just felt so relieved since engaging your services, and I can’t tell you how many times Mum has told me how happy she is. She loves the help she receives from her carer, and she really enjoys the company as well. Thanks again."

Karen, daughter of Elizabeth

Home Care Provider Reviews - MiCare Aged Care Services

"My wife and I changed our service to MiCare because having a Chinese caregiver is important to us.

Our new caregiver is very helpful and we are satisfied with the service. Thank you."

Zhang Wei

Aged Care Provider Reviews - MiCare Home Care Services

"I am so happy that my caregiver Georgia speaks Greek!

We like to cook traditional recipes and Georgia is very helpful in my vegetable garden.

I have felt happier because of Georgia's care and friendship."

Thea C.

Aged Care Company Reviews - MiCare Home Care Services

"I am very thankful to my Care Manager Jeanette for helping me with my Home Care Package.

It was very straightforward and Jeanette informed me I was entitled to some help that I was not aware of.

MiCare has been wonderful to me and I would highly recommend them to anyone."


Home Care Service Provider Reviews - MiCare Aged Care Company

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of the helpers and staff at MiCare.

Michael's visits are a highlight of Dad's weeks.

He really appreciates having someone to help him keep on top of housework and take him for his errands to the supermarket and post office. Dad has always been really independent and was reluctant to have a carer, but Michael does things "with" Dad rather than "for" him which both Dad and I feel is really important.

Having assistance from MiCare has also really helped to reduce some pressure for me as I am a single working mother with young kids. I was feeling guilty about not being able to help Dad as much through the week but I now feel at ease knowing Michael can be there when I can't."

Angela I.

Reviews of Aged Care - MiCare Home Care Service Provider

"One of our neighbours recommended you to us over 9 years ago and we are glad they did.

It had been on our minds that we may have to leave home at some stage as we get older. This was a very sad thing to consider as we are so proud of our home and have many happy memories in it. We moved here in 1981 and have raised four children and five grandchildren under this roof. 

We are very grateful that a service like MiCare exists to help people like us stay living at home. The carers have each been very friendly and all of them are very dedicated. I have often noticed they often do more than what is asked and these small touches show they really care about people and their homes.

Thank you.

Ruth & Geoff

My Aged Care Reviews - MiCare Home Care Services

"I just wanted to let you know how much Aoife's help means to me.

Since my injury I have been unable to drive, and Aoife takes me to all of my appointments, as well as the grocery store and library. She is such a kind and patient person, and nothing is ever too much effort for her.

Aoife and I also discovered that we come from neighboring villages in Ireland so we have really enjoyed talking together about what life was like growing up there."

Colleen M.

Reviews - My Aged Care Provider - MiCare Home Care Services

"We have loved having Fernanda's help around the house, but one thing we weren't expecting was her excellent cooking!"

David & Carmen S.

Home Care Service Provider Reviews - MiCare Aged Care

"Thank you for assisting my parents at this time.

Whilst I am sad about being unable to care for them myself, I know that they are in excellent care until I can return home to Melbourne.

They also told me that you had a ramp installed for Mom so she can get in and out of the house with her walker. I know this will make such a big difference to her."

Jacqui D.

Aged Care Company Reviews - MiCare Home Care Provider

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