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Find out how to stay at home, in your community longer.

Services tailored to you.

Senior woman smiles at Home Care Worker - MiCare Home Care Services

Our flexible, personalised services cater to your individual needs, and give you the assistance and support you need to maintain your independence and wellbeing.

We also have services available to improve your safety at home, and help you connect with those around you.

View our services below or call us on 1300 064 064 to find out how we can help you to live your best life.

Our Home Care Programs

Home Care Packages

Caregiver assists elderly client with grocery shopping - MiCare Home Care Packages

MiCare's Home Care Program is ideal for you if you have a Home Care Package.

Our Home Care Programs include dedicated Care Management to help you get the most out of your package and access services that best fit your needs.

This program caters for low, medium, and high care needs with a large range of services.

Home Support Program

Elderly man living independently at home - MiCare Home Support

MiCare's Home Support Program is ideal for you if you are approved for Commonwealth Home Support Program funding (CHSP).

CHSP funding pays for some basic services to help you remain independent and connected to your community.

This program is intended for people who generally manage independently and caters for low care needs.

Private Home Care

Elderly couple enjoying a hot drink - MiCare Private Home Care Packages

You don't have to be approved for government funding to receive Home Care services. We offer privately funded care to people for many reasons:

+ Waiting for funding approval
+ Prefer not to apply for funding
+ Have funding but need extra support
+ Need short term help

Veterans' Home Care

Elderly Veteran standing in his workshop - MiCare Veterans Home Care Services

We provide care and services to Veterans with low level support needs.

Veterans' Home Care is funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Available services include personal care, domestic assistance, respite care, and safety-related home & garden maintenance.

Physio Program

Physiotherapist visits Home Care client for Falls & Balance Program at home - MiCare Home Care Services

Our Strength and Balance Program has proven benefits in improving balance and reducing the risk of falling over at home.

This program is delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Sessions can be purchased on an ongoing or occasional basis. Rebates may apply with private health insurance.

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