Social Groups

Find out how to stay at home, in your community longer.

Social activities and clubs for seniors.

To keep people connected within their communities, we run a series of local Social Support Groups.

We offer both culturally-specific groups and multicultural groups, so there is a suitable option for everyone.

Our group coordinators organise relevant and meaningful activities which are tailored to suit the cultural and religious requirements of the group members.

Activities are guided by the interests, skills, and life history of our clients, and provide group members with fun, social and entertaining experiences. 

MiCare's Social Support Group Activities for Seniors - MiCare Homecare Services

What social activities are available?

To find a social support group near you, call us on 1300 064 064.



 We seek to incorporate variety and originality into our groups, so there are often new and different activities to enjoy.

Some of our current aged care group activities include:

  • Arts, crafts, games and workshops

  • Group discussions

  • Physical exercise

  • Outings

  • Music/singing

  • Informative talks about ageing and care options

  • Special celebrations and functions

  • Morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea


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Virtual Groups

You can attend Social Support Groups online if you are unable to attend in-person.

During COVID-19 restrictions, all Social Support Groups are conducted online.


Enquire about Online Social Groups

How much does it cost to attend Social Groups?

If you qualify for government funding, the cost of Social Support Groups may be covered for you. Alternatively, you can elect to pay the small admittance fee yourself.

MiCare Social Group Activities - Community Support for Seniors - MiCare Home Care Services

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