Housing & Community Care

Find out how to stay at home, in your community longer.

Assistance for older people facing homelessness.

Elderly man sitting in park - MiCare Home Care Services - Assistance with housing for seniors

At MiCare, we believe every person should have access to safe and secure housing.

Having a stable living arrangement enables us to maintain our independence and wellbeing, and remain connected to the broader community.  

If you are living in an unpredictable housing arrangement, or facing homelessness, we can help you to access suitable community care services and find long-term, affordable housing.

Are you eligible for community care and housing assistance?

You may be eligible for government funding under the Commonwealth Home Support Program if certain criteria apply to you.

  • Facing or experiencing homelessness due to housing stress or insecure accommodation
  • Living in the Southern Melbourne Metropolitan or Gippsland Regions
  • Frail and over 65 (or over 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people)
  • Prematurely aged and over 50 (or over 45 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people)

There are no fees for care and housing support if you qualify for these criteria.

The first step to accessing funding is organising an assessment. We can help you through this process.

Feedback about our team.

“Sladjana’s care, positive approach, and professionalism was key to me finally being housed in a great flat. She assisted me greatly in navigating the Department of Health and Human Services, and provided crucial support through several processes along the way.

I wanted to let you know that Sladjana’s support and assistance was fundamental to me finding my permanent home, and I’ll forever be grateful to her and MiCare.”

Pictured: Sladjana and the Support team.

We can help you find safe and secure housing.

If you (or an ageing loved one) need help to access community services and find a stable home, our friendly Care & Housing team can help. 

  • Discuss your current housing situation and needs
  • Provide information about suitable housing options
  • Lodge specialised housing applications
  • Inform you about relevant services that are available in your area
  • Refer you to services that can make managing easier
  • Advocate on your behalf with other services and organisations that you may need help with

Call us on 1300 064 064 to receive free, independent advice about your circumstances and options.

For more information, you can also download our brochures.

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